dcraw_emu output to specific position


I compiled the latest LibRaw and tested the dcraw_emu tool in the bin/ directory. I do not understand how to output the ppm file to a specific directory. Currently it writes the result into the same path of the original file, which is something I would like to avoid.

In dcraw it's possible to use -c and then run:

    dcraw -c -w -6 /path/to/file.cr2 > /another/path/file.ppm

The emulator, instead, uses -c for another task (Set adjust maximum threshold ). What can I do?

The emulator, also, is really fast, dcraw takes 16sec to convert a file, while the emulator only 6sec, so I would like to use it.

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Sorry, no such ability in

Sorry, no such ability in dcraw_emu sample, output files names are always derived from source file.

BTW, full source code provided with LibRaw, so you may modify samples as you wish.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC



I will try, thank you for your reply!