JPEG RAW Matching

Hi Alex

I want to make pixel to pixel matching between RAW and JPEG for Sony a6000. The RAW Size 6048x4024 but the JPEG is 6000x4000. How the clipping is done(I know is it is sony propriety if any info available)? How I could recreate the RAW so that it could match to JPEG size? Not only Size but want to ensure the pixels are exactly matched with the JPEG.


LibRaw tries to extract as

LibRaw tries to extract as much as possible from RAW.
Other software (e.g. in-camera JPEG processor) may crop more or less (it also may depend on camera/raw processor settings, for example barrel distortion correction on/off).

So, pixel level RAW/JPEG match looks not possible in general case

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC