Converting a RAW nef file to be written out as a PNG

Hi all,

I'm having trouble figuring out how to convert my RAW data from a Nikon D800 image into an RGB bitmap that I can use to create a PNG. I understand I will lose image quality and such, but I have my reasons for attempting to convert the image. Here's some code I've got:

if ((n_return = RawProcessor.open_file(l_input_file_name.c_str())) != LIBRAW_SUCCESS)
	fprintf(stdout,"Cannot open_file\n");
	b_bad_files = true;
//	RawProcessor is the main class for libraw. 
//	It is used here to unpack the file into data structures to be used later.
if ((n_return = RawProcessor.unpack()) != LIBRAW_SUCCESS)
	fprintf(stdout,"Cannot unpack file\n");
	b_bad_files = true;
if (!b_bad_files)
{// if !b_bad_files -- begin
	n_orientation = RawProcessor.imgdata.sizes.flip;
	// sets pointer to LibRaw internal structure of raw data:
	n_raw_input_vector = &RawProcessor.imgdata.rawdata.raw_image[0];
	// set color max value:
	n_color_max_value = RawProcessor.imgdata.rawdata.color.maximum;
	// ...

Just a real simple opening and extracting of data. Does libraw offer any way to convert this 12-bit raw data, in a bayer pattern, into a 8-bit RGB bitmap? I tried using the dcraw functionality, but I got a weird looking image and I don't need to do any post processing per say, just conversion from 12-bit raw layout to an 8-bit RGB layout that I can use to write a PNG.

The only function I found was raw2image, maybe this would be of use for me? Thanks for any help!