Color Space definition of LibRAW coefficients

Hi guys,

can somebody help me with problem around convert camera RGB values (as shot, white point) to known color space.

When I converting As shot coefficients to sRGB I use:
RawProcessor->imgdata.color.cam_mul[] then use matrix
RawProcessor->imgdata.color.rgb_cam[][] to convert as sRGB. But I don't know if it is D65 or D50 illuminant or other?

White point rawProcessor->imgdata.color.pre_mul[] is with which color space? Camera or sRGB and which illuminant?

I can not find this information anywhere. Currently I am suppose that both coefficients are in camera space and conversion with rgb_cam[][] convert it to D65.

Thank you for help


pre_mul and cam_mul are in

pre_mul and cam_mul are in RAW space, these WB multipliers to be applied before color conversion.

rgb_cam is from RAW to 'linear sRGB', so D65.

You can multiply rgb_cam[][] matrix to some adjustment matrix to get other output space (see LibRaw:::convert_to_rgb() source, this function also contains some of correction matrices for Adobe, ProPhoto, WideGamut and XYZ spaces).

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC