Support for Canon EOS 80D RAWs

I recently got a Canon EOS 80D, the model was released about two month ago. I use digikam (v4.14.0) for post-processing, which uses LibRaw (v0.17.1) for RAW decoding. The decoded .CR2 files from the 80D are very "hazy", with low contrast and a blueish cast.

I attached a JPEG (just RAW decoding + highlights raised) to this post, the corresponding RAW file can be found at

For if it helps, a user of RawTherapee reported a similar issue:

Hopefully the EOS 80D can be fully supported soon :)


We'll publish LibRaw 0.18

We'll publish LibRaw 0.18-201604 on github soon (this is not release, but stable intermediate).

This version will support 80D

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC