I would like to know a bit more about RawSpeed


We are currently using LibRaw, but I would like to know know if it will be worth, and safe, to include RawSpeed in our build of LibRaw.

- Is it stable for the formats that are selected to use RawSpeed?
- Does it fall back to a slower, stable method for those formats that are not selected to use RawSpeed?
- On average, what is roughly the expected speed up of using RawSpeed?



We use LibRaw+RawSpeed in our

We use LibRaw+RawSpeed in our projects (RawDigger, FastRawViewer) with success on both Windows and Mac.
Please note, that we use 'master' (stable) branch of RawSpeed, not the up-to-date 'devel' branch.

Speedup is very different depending on file format. It is very significant for lossless-JPEG compressed files (e.g. Canon CR2) and not so big for other formats.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

Thanks for the quick reply.

Thanks for the quick reply. We will give it a go.

Is there a table of the formats that would use RawSpeed?

Also...is all the speed improvement in RawSpeed due to the use of multithreading?


There is no 'format list'

There is no 'format list' this works different way:
each decoder may have 'flag' LIBRAW_DECODER_TRYRAWSPEED
(to get flags, call get_decoder_info).
Also, there are some exclusions (based mostly on make/model) hardcoded in LibRaw::unpack()

Speedup is not due to multicore (we use RawSpeed in single-threaded way)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC