Images processed by libraw are burned/overexposed

I own an old Nikon D100 camera and I use both Ufraw and Luminance HDR in order to get simple or HDR photos depending on content. Since Ufraw uses the old dcraw library, it produces a better result while dealing with bright areas. That is funny as they say libraw should be better. I used Darktable as a control app and it produces the same result.

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With default settings, LibRaw

With default settings, LibRaw processing:
1) Adjust data maximum using real maximum in RAW file (use params.adjust_maximum_thr to adjust)
2) Brighten image to put 1% in saturation (parms.auto_bright_thr to adjust, or turn brightening off via params.no_auto_bright)

Darktable uses own raw processing with all things different.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

I don't quite get it

Do you say that I can somehow manually change the way LibRaw behaves?

I eat my photos RAW



To get behaviour very similar to dcraw (including 'pink clouds' problem) set params.adjust_maximum_thr to 0.0f;

To change auto-brigtening use auto_bright_thr or manual brightness adjustment.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC