v0.17 alpha1 and camera_wb

I have tested a lot of RAW files & formats with the new Version (0.17 alpha 1), and "nearly" everything works great. But i have a problem with the following file "1D_RAW.TIF".

download: "https://github.com/tuttleofx/TuttleOFX-data/blob/master/image/tif/1D_RAW..."

I have used camera_wb = 1 for my tests (everyting else default), with LibRaw 0.16 the image has correct colors & contrast, with 0.17 the image has a green tint (but it works with camera_wb = 0, so maybe this is not really a bug).


Thanks for the sample.

Thanks for the sample.

Yes, it looks like camera WB is broken for this camera. To be fixed.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC

TIF works now

Wow, bugfixing at Warp 9 :) That was really fast! I just tested the new github Version, and now the file is correctly loaded, thanks!