How to make LibRaw objects global?

I am writing a GUI interface with C++ and I would like to make the LibRaw processor (i.e. LibRaw Processor = LibRaw();) to be global so that I can use it in any functions and pass it between other forms.
I've tried:

LibRaw Processor1;

it turns out "error C4368: cannot define 'Processor1' as a member of managed 'RAW_GUI::Form1': mixed types are not supported"

And I tried to make it as a pointer:

LibRaw *Processor1;

However I cannot run Processor1 = LibRaw(); as it cannot convert LibRaw * to LibRaw.

Is there any way to make the LibRaw object be global? Or I am thinking in a wrong direction??


You may use LibRaw*

You may use
LibRaw* processor1;
and than use
processor1= new LibRaw;
in the constructor of your object

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC