LibRaw 0.14 Alpha3

LibRaw 0.14-Alpha3 contains several major changes:

  • New sample samples/postprocessing_benchmark.cpp
    This sample measures postprocessing speed.
    All demosaic methods, averaged white balance, median
    filtering, wavelet filtration, highlight recovery, and
    cropping are supported.
  • LibRaw::rotate_fuji_raw() call and corresponding C-API call have been removed.
  • The LibRaw::adjust_sizes_info_only() call may be called repeated
    and mixed with dcraw_process() call.
  • Postprocessing speedup and optimization, especially if cropping set.
  • Cropping works for FujiCCD raws. For the technical reasons, the position
    of top-left corner of crop area will be rounded to the nearest
    multiple of 4 (the corner is shifted top-left).