LibRaw 201812 snapshot

New LibRaw snapshot (201812) just pushed to our GitHub repository.

Note: this branch diverged from old LibRaw/master, so you'll need to use forced update:

git fetch
git reset origin/master

Changes in short

Camera support (1052 total)

  • Canon: PowerShot A480 (CHDK hack), EOS 2000D, EOS 4000D
  • Eyedeas E1
  • FujiFilm: GFX 50R, XF10, X-T3, X-T100, DBP680
  • GITUP G3 DUO (16:9 mode only, use custom camera for 4:3)
  • Kodak PIXPRO AZ901
  • Leica M10-D, M10-P
  • Nikon D3500, Z6, Z7, P1000
  • Panasonic LX100M2
  • Pentax K-1 II
  • Sony A7 III, HX95, HX99, RX100-VA, RX100-VI
  • Several mobile phones cameras (DNG format, only really tested cameras added to camera list)

Other changes

  • Fixed long standing bug in remove_zeroes: first two rows/cols was unprocessed
  • Better parsing for NEF files modified (damaged) by NikonTransfer
  • Better parsing for floating point DNG black levels (into color.dnglevels.fblack and dng_fcblack[], similar to and color.cblack[] for other formats).
  • More flexible limit for RAW decoding memory usage:
    imgdata.params.max_raw_memory_mb (default is LIBRAW_MAX_ALLOC_MB_DEFAULT)
  • New flags for imgdata.params.raw_processing_options:
    LIBRAW_PROCESSING_CHECK_DNG_ILLUMINANT - will check DNG illuminant field when selecting color matrix (note: incompatibility with previous versions, so default is not set).
    LIBRAW_PROCESSING_DNGSDK_ZEROCOPY - will not copy data from Adobe DNG SDK decoded buffer, but use it as is
  • Swtiched from auto_ptr to unique_ptr, got get back define LIBRAW_USE_AUTOPTR
  • dcraw_emu: it is now possible to create output filename in a more flexible manner, via -Z switch:
    -Z - will output to stdout
    -Z ext will output into inputfilename.ext
    -Z .ext will output into inputfilename.inputext.ext
  • All security fixes from 0.19.1 are imported too