LibRaw 0.19-Snapshot-20170212: support of Fujifilm GFX 50s compressed files

Alexey Danilchenko reverse-engineered Fujifilm compression for bayer CFA (used in GFX 50s camera) and provided his work to LibRaw (on the same basis as in X-Trans decompressor).

This decoder is distributed as a part of LibRaw library, subject to LGPL 2.1 and CDDL 1.0 licenses.

After several weeks of testing, the code is published on GitHub as LibRaw 0.19 (master) snapshot:

Other changes in this snapshot:

  • Support for 7 more cameras (948 total).
  • Three additional C-API calls requested by 3D LUT Creator.
  • New LibRaw::open_bayer() call allows to 'open' sensor data dump resident in memory without modifying library source (list of dumps in identify()) and/or passing camera description string via imgdata.params.