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I've run this code in the

I've run this code in the same enviroment:
Windows7 x64
VC++ 2010 (with SP1)
LibRaw 0.13.1
And no problems in two tests:
* debug build, Canon 30D sample image, about 250 iterations
* release build, Canon 5DmkII sample image, 100+ iterations several times.
I've tried three LibRaw.DLL versions: from 0.13.1 distribution (with and without GPL2/3 packs) and rebuilt from source (without demosaic packs).

So, case is still unconfirmed for me. Is it possible that your computer has some memory problem (becasuse of overclock or overheat or so)?

Also, I've tried to move 'LibRaw proc' declaration outside from loop (within loop the object will be destroyed on each iteration).

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC