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I remember FC(row,col) from

I remember FC(row,col) from the times, when I tried to dig through dcraw.c. I didn't succeed, because after a pause a had to start all over again. I'm very grateful for your work here. Being frustrated by dcraw.c I turned to the DNG-SDK, which also has the ability to write raw files, which is crucial for my RawImageClearer ( ). The DNG-SDK has lots of pitfalls and is very bloated, I have to say.
I would like to implement a new kind of demosaicing with libraw. Rather than creating an RGB 4:4:4 image it creates directly a YUV 4:2:0 image, which is exactly the color space used for JPEG compression. Thus I do not really fill in the remaining 2 or 3 values as it is done with the usual RGB demosaicing methods.