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I've got this working,

I've got this working, following your instructions.
I call:

libraw_decoder_info_t dinfo;

and compare the dinfo->name with "jxl_dng_load_raw_placeholder()" and "vc5_dng_load_raw_placeholder()", as you suggested (I hope I understood you correctly).

And this works very well for the problem image. In the debug built.

When I switch to the release built (Visual C++ 2022), the dinfo->name returned is "lossy_dng_load_raw()" for some reason I don't understand yet. I will prepare a release build with debug symbols so I can trace into this. The preprocessor defines etc. the same for both builds.

When I also set the new opcode flags when "lossy_dng_load_raw()" is returned in dinfo->name, the image looks good in the release build too.

Any idea?