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1) Sorry, we do not offer

1) Sorry, we do not offer advice on building RawSpeed3 as mentioned in the provided README
It is definitely possible to build it w/o address sanitizer.
We're not Cmake users, so I do not know what is 'target_sources(rawspeed_get_number_of_processor_cores....' message

2) LIBRAW_DECODER_TRYRAWSPEED3 bit is set in get_decoder_info() code. There is no way to change it from your app and no need for that.

LIBRAW_DECODER_TRYRAWSPEED3 bit is set only for decoders that are definitely faster in RawSpeed3, not for all decoders provided by the library (for example, it is mostly useless to decode unpacked/uncompressed data via RawSpeed3: it uses additional memory buffer for the decoded file with little or no benefit)

3) If you compile LibRaw with USE_RAWSPEED_BITS define, you need to set LIBRAW_RAWSPEEDV3_USE bit in imgdata.rawparams.use_rawspeed
If you compile LibRaw with just USE_RAWSPEED3 define, imgdata.rawparams.use_rawspeed=1 is enough.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC