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Quote from RawSpeed3/README

Quote from RawSpeed3/

To make a file with camera definitions, run the command (you can add it to the build system): sh ./rawspeed3_c_api/ < path/to/RawSpeed/data/cameras.xml > rawspeed3_c_api/cameras.cpp

The script requires cat, tr, and sed unix command-line utilities installed, there is no specific version requirements.

Add the resulting file (LibRaw/RawSpeed3/rawspeed3_c_api/cameras.cpp) and LibRaw/RawSpeed3/rawspeed3_c_api/rawspeed3_capi.cpp, to the build of the RawSpeed-v3 (dynamic) library, which you learned to build in the previous step. If building Windows DLL: rawspeed3_capi.cpp should be compiled with -DRAWSPEED_BUILDLIB to create dll export entries automatically.

To check that everything works, you can use the LibRaw/RawSpeed3/rawspeed3_c_api/rawspeed3_capi_test.cpp test program, it should be possible to build it and link with RawSpeed-v3 (+ C-API); and after that this test program should be ready to decode RAW files passed to it from command line.

Please clarify what is not clear in the steps quoted above.

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC