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LibRaw 0.21.1 and RawSpeed v3

I followed the instructions on downloading a specific commit of rawspeed from DarkTable and I applied the 4 patches (actually, patch 01. is not needed as it is already in the rawspeed source code).

I was able to compile RawSpeed 3 successfully.

But when I enabled RawSpeed 3 support in the Makefile.dist of LibRaw and make the correct reference to the RawSpeed3 directory, LibRaw would compile but with the following linker errors:

Undefined symbols for architecture arm64:
"_rawspeed3_close", referenced from:
LibRaw::~LibRaw() in libraw.a(init_close_utils.o)
"_rawspeed3_release", referenced from:
LibRaw::recycle() in libraw.a(init_close_utils.o)

Then I found that these functions are in rawspeed3_capi.cpp under the RawSpeed3/rawspeed3_c_api folder.

How do I compile this rawspeed3_capi.cpp and the cameras.cpp?

The instructions on the RawSpeed v3 page is not clear on how to do it.

Please help.