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Comb distribution after PhaseOne image debayering


I found a strange problem after analyzing the histograms on images right after debayering (16-bit data so 65536 bins per channel). We use PhaseOne cameras at work and we are interested to get images with a minimum of processing done (debayering, 16-bit per channel, linear response, nothing else). I tried different debayering algorithm using the user_qual but the same problem can be observed. I also created the distribution of the last digit of the pixel values. You can see clearly that there is a unbalance between even and odd numbers. See the attached screenshots.

I hope I m wrong but it sounds like a rounding problem to me. Assuming only 14 bits are usable we shouldnt be able to see this. I don't see the same effect using the very limited ImageSDK from PhaseOne. But I dont know what processing is done.

Thanks in advance.


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