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Issue while converting CR3 using draw_emu

Hi folks,

I am trying to use LibRAW to convert the CR3 files to tiff and then convert the tiff to jpeg using imagemagick. I want to run this as a container on AWS using Fargate (nodejs application).

The process runs perfectly for CR2 files but for CR3 file the tiff file is not getting created and draw_emu is not throwing any error too.

Command used for conversion:

dcraw_emu -6 -T -w -v test.cr3

File link:

It would be really helpful if I could get some insights on why this might be happening or anyway within draw_emu so that I can debug the process. I had doubt that may be buffer that is being used while conversion is going out of memory but I tried with different methods (memoryBuffer, streamBuffer, File I/O) but all had the same issue.