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Postprocessing like raw viewers

Hi there,

Thank you for all the hard work that you're putting into the development and support of LibRaw. We're already successfully using LibRaw in our project for extracting metadata.

We're currently trying to decode raw files in order to show it to end-users. At the moment, we're just setting the following output parameters:

gamm[0] = 1.0 / 2.4;  // sRGB gamma
gamm[1] = 12.92;
use_camera_wb = 1;

The colors seem a bit washed out for most images we've tried when comparing this to the rendering of raw viewers (like FastRawViewer, LightRoom, Mac OS Preview, etc).

Which other parameters should we set or what postprocessing should we do to make it roughly similar?

Thank you!

Stijn Seghers (Narrative)