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Thanks for this. Once I applied this fix, the rgb_cam appears to be populated as you expected. The value is different than 0.19.5 but that appears to be expected based on the DNG fixes you made.

There does appear to be a bug with raw-identify though. When I dumped out information about this file, no information gets printed past "MakerNotes WB data". The executable appears to exit. Even the line "fprintf(outfile, "\nXYZ->CamRGB matrix:\n");" is not executed. The last few lines displayed are:

Highlight linearity limits: 3827 3827 3827 3827
Makernotes WB data: coeffs EVs
As shot 495 256 324 256 0.95 0.00 0.34 0.00

Happens even with NEF files. Appears to be an issue with printing out WB_Coeffs. I am on Windows.