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1) Many smartphone-produced

1) Many smartphone-produced DNG files has 'unusual' order of color data, the 1st one is daylight matrix, the 2nd one is for incandescent.
The old code (LibRaw 0.19/dcraw.c) always uses the last colordata (ColorMatrix) seen in the file. This works fine for Adobe-DNG-SDK-produced files (daylight colormatrix is the last one), but not with files where ColorMatrix1/ColorMatrix2 order is reversed.
Also, if several different sub-images are present in the DNG file with separate (own) colordata, the old code (again) uses the last one ColorMatrix specified

In the LibRaw 0.20 correct color matrix selection is implemented in both cases.

2) Visible size (or margins size) has changed in 0.20 for many cameras:
- for some cameras, vendor specified size is used instead of hardcoded one
- for all Bayer cameras margins are rounded to multiple of 2
- for all X-Trans cameras margins are rounded to multiple of 6

The last two changes is because of ambiguity in previous version: since LibRaw 0.20 bayer(/X-Trans) pattern is the same for both possible coordinate systems (entire area/visible area)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC