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Thank you :)

1 - It is always complicated with Canon ;). Thank you, I did not know that 1500 = 2000.

2 - OK. I send you a small example of two images of 2000D and 1200D. These images are pure RAW, in TIFF.
I get it with this code:

So before 0.20 everything was ok, but now my results are not consistent while I would expect it it. What I understand it is just a compatibility issue with 0.19 and 0.20.

In the image I send you, both of camera has same Bayer pattern as stated by LibRaw. But as you can see, one is well demosaiced in GBRG, the other one no. Like if the Bayer Pattern was wrong for one image, of like I had to apply an offset for debayer (If I do it works of course).