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Please forgive me if I gave the impression that I am trying to replicate DCRAW/libraw.

I am creating my own RAW processing pipeline but I am relying on libraw to read the CFA and metadata for the color transformation to implement this pipeline.

Due to the lack of documentation, I am just trying to understand how these coefficients work or are meant to be used to make sure I am implementing my pipeline correctly.

For example, for the Google Pixel 3 camera, I had to derive the cam_xyz from rgb_cam. However, the resulting matrix resulted in a strong color cast probably because I did not undo the normalization after doing INV(rgb_cam).

Also, I assumed that cam_mul would be sufficient because they are the as shot WB multipliers but pre_mul appears to be needed because of the cam_rgb normalization.

I am just looking for more information on these.

Thanks for all your help thus far!