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Normalizing cam_rgb

I noticed that during the computation of rgb_cam from cam_xyz in the cam_xyz_coeff function, there is a normalization that is applied when cam_rgb is computed and the pre_mul is updated. The annotated DCRAW site also does not provide much explanation about this.

The author's comment is "But I don’t fully understand what this tiny little section of code really does. I’d love to hear from someone who can explain it to me."

Given this I have some questions:
1. For camera's (like Google Pixel 3 above), where cam_xyz has to be derived from cmatrix (or rgb_cam) and xyz_rgb, how can I undo the normalization when calculating cam_xyz?

2. During cam_rgb normalization, the pre_mul is updated. So, I assume that the coeffs in pre_mul need to be applied to the RAW data before demosaicing and applying rgb_cam to convert from Camera Space -> sRGB?

3. When should I use cam_mul then?