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So it looks like cmatrix and ccm are also for converting from camera space to sRGB. Correct?

The ccm appears to be only read from the file and not computed and it appears to be normalized by sum(imgdata.colors.ccm).

cmatrix also appears to be either read from the file or derived from camera properties.

So, if these are not available in the file, I can assume this to be all zeros?

Is it safe to assume that cam_xyz and rgb_cam are sufficient for most color space transformations?
* rgb_cam for direct conversion to sRGB?
* pseudoinverse(cam_xyz) to move to XYZ space and then apply any suitable transformation to move to a colorspace such as Rec.2020 or ProPhoto of my choice?

Also, a quick question about wb_coeffs. Are the coeffs in the order of the CFA pattern OR are they always R G1 B G2?