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alteration of RAW files

Please, could anyone answer the following questions?
I think that RAW files store RGB exposition (RGB-E) as continuous values, or, at least, much more continuous with respect to the discrete (i.e. integer) values of its TIFF version, is this right?
If so, do you know a software that allows the following procedure:

1) conversion of RGB-E to HSV-E, that is, E values expressed in HSV color space.

2) raising of V-E (i.e., the V channel of HSV-E) values to the power 1/g, where “g” is greek gamma and its value should be of one’s choice.

3) normalization of new V values and re-conversion of HSV-E to RGB-E (the RAW file should return to its original format after this process).

Thank you for your attention,