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unpack() performance?

Hi everyone,

I am new to LibRAW and I am wondering if the unpack() performance should be that slow. I am using LibRAW on a Windows 32-bit program and unpack()+dcraw_process() take around 20 seconds for a typical 6000x4000 image. I tried several RAW file formats: NEF, CR2, Sony, Olympus and all file load very slowly.

Then I took a look at FastRawViewer that is using LibRAW and (if I am right) do not display a JPEG preview, and it load the same RAW files in 1 second!

I double-checked that my program was compiled in released, so I don't understand... my PC is a Intel iCore7 with 8 Gb. What is the typical time to load a RAW file using LibRAW?

I did not tried RawSpeed as I read that speed up is only signifiant for CR2 files...

Thanks in advance for any help.