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I'm sorry but it appears frm

I'm sorry but it appears frm the output of raw-identify that the Libraw code has derived the pre_mul values from the D65 illuminant WB coefficents and other information returned in the raw file for the X-T1. I cannot see where else these

Derived D65 multipliers: 2.147247 0.934710 1.221633

values which are the contents of the pre_mul array could have come from (unless they are hard coded into LibRaw). A pre_mul array with all values set to 1.0 by LibRaw just doesn't make any sense for processing a raw fille for Daylight WB.

So again I ask you how is pre_mul set from the WB coefficients and other data read from the raw file, so I can better understand your code and maybe make contributions in the future.

David Partridge