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Processing image From Fujitsu X-T3

I've got a two problems with the processing of an image from a Fuji X-T3.

1. It has a black border on the right hand side.

2. It takes about 40 seconds to process using: dcraw_emu -t 0 -4 -j -v -v "DSCF3954(X-Trans).RAF" which I think does three pass interpolation. By huge contrast Adobe Camera Raw 11.3 takes about two seconds even though the image is clearly interpolated (and quite well).

I totally understand that most of the 40 seconds is the interpolation time as dcraw_emu -t 0 -4 -j -disinterp -v -v "DSCF3954(X-Trans).RAF" only takes a couple of seconds.

Is there anything I can do to speed this up without compromising the quality (this is a release build).