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"Do your own research like I

"Do your own research like I did mine" is not a good reason to keep large chunks of code absolutely undocumented to the point of inscrutability, mostly not for code that went through a couple of decades and will go through many more. None of us are going to devote 15 years of our lives towards reinventing the wheel and figuring out how you guys did some particular demosaicing algorithm that only you have and works great but doesn't begin to explain what it does and isn't documented anywhere. If you put so much work into researching and making something and shared it you might as well enable people to understand what was done and learn from it rather than telling them to disregard the work you present and to painstakingly retrace your steps or telling them "these large parts of our library are outside of the scope of our library so whatever".

It's not like the parts of the library that are within the core scope of the library are documented either, maybe you're all just too used to dealing with a practically comment-free 21 kLoC file (btw that's at least 20 times too long for a single file) to see what's the problem with that approach. But if you guys aren't interested in documenting 22 years of work beyond telling people how to use it on a basic level then I'm not going to convince you of anything. I'm not telling you you should write an encyclopedia about every function either, and I understand that as a commercial developer you have better things to do than to document an open source project, but a few comments here and there whenever you get the chance to help clarify why things are being done would go a long way, and it might just help you in the future when the meaning of tens of thousands of lines of esoteric code isn't fresh in your mind anymore. It's probably too late for that anyway, most of the people who wrote that stuff have probably long since moved on or forgotten how everything they wrote works.