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Sure - what I want is the 16

Sure - what I want is the 16 bit greyscale "raw" data so I can do my own de-bayer processing on it (except for the case of "full colour" raw files where I want the RGB image data). That's what the code that reads:

			if (!m_bColorRAW)
				// Document mode (i.e. don't demosaic the image in libraw).
				O.no_interpolation = 1;

was intended to achieve: m_bColorRaw is set thus:

		m_bColorRAW	= P1.is_foveon || !(P1.filters);

Would that be accomplished by grabbing the "raw image data" from libraw_raw_data after running unpack()?

If so I think (hope) I'll try using that based on the "unprocessed_raw.cpp sample.

Thanks again

David Partridge