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It would appear there's a

It would appear there's a possible bug with libraw in this area.

If I run dcraw -d M103_L_0048_ISO800_60s__16C.CR2, it creates a PGM output file:

29/05/2019 12:01 18,024,947 M103_L_0048_ISO800_60s__16C.pgm

if I run dcraw_emu -disinterp M103_L_0048_ISO800_60s__16C.CR2, it creates a PPM output file:

29/05/2019 12:02 54,074,807 M103_L_0048_ISO800_60s__16C.CR2.ppm

I see two problems:

1) This is the trivial issue that the output fileid is slightly different (which I'm happy to forgive).

2) The major problem is that the output file is NOT a single colour PGM greyscale bitmap as was produced by dcraw, but a 3 colour PPM bitmap.


David Partridge