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does not work in delphi XE2 - any suggestions

Hi ,

i tried your simple example in delphi xe2
using the libraw -wrapper
but the return of strings - like error messages
does not work - i just get "??????" for the error code -100009


err := libraw_open_file(handler, pchar('C:\temp\nikon\test.NEF'));
if (err <> LibRaw_errors.LIBRAW_SUCCESS) then
WriteLn('Open: ' + IntToStr(integer(err)) + ': ' +

as err is being filled correctly ( even though the file exists ? )
the output of libraw_strerror(err) is just "???????"

if i convert the console-app to a vcl-app the return looks more like japanes characters ...

so something goes wrong be reading the strings from the function
does someone have an idea ?