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From _01.DNG sample, using

From _01.DNG sample, using raw-identify -v:
Makernotes 'As shot' WB multipliers: 2.031746 1.000000 1.729730 0.000000
Derived D65 multipliers: 6.630021 0.866640 0.901968

This file is shot under daylight, so D65 mutipliers looks incorrect: too weak for blue and too strong for red.
D65 (daylight) multipliers are calculated from DNG ColorMatrix* tag(s). So, embedded profile for this file looks incorrect.

Use as-shot, or auto WB for this camera (I do not see any way to do this automatically in LibRaw because pre_mul is within 'more or less correct values' (6.63/0.86 = 7.7 does not 'high enough' to throw it out automatically)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC