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Oneplus 5 DNGs don't look right

I tried many DNGs and raws from different cameras, and besides for the SD980 problem I reported yesterday, which was not really LibRaw's fault, they all worked very nicely, and I got results comparable to RawTherapee.

I tried some Oneplus 5 samples, which I got from here: (scroll to the bottom for the DNGs). They all look really bad (try the beach ones) both in my program and IrfanView's raw viewer, but they look nicely in RawTherapee. The red channel is almost identical to the green one all over except for the obvious red/green parts. But the sky and the beach are the same. With RawTherapee, on the other hand, the red channel is much darker on the sky. The camera_mul wb seems to have reasonable values, but pre_mul (which I don't use) has some strange values that don;t work either.

Can you please a look at them when you have some time?