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Hi lexa, thanks again for

Hi lexa, thanks again for your commitment !
" Irreversible " was employed to paraphrase " compressed with loss ". I believe that DN values of a compressed raw look like curved and truncated as if an inverse gamma of 0.45 for example was put in place. ( so you need a gamma to decode and linearize compressed values). Secondly, yes too, I wanted to say a floating point range of 0.0 to 1.0 with logically infinite intermediates. When you say that dcraw does not map DN values to this kind of 0-1 range, does dcraw map them directly to a working color space ? Thirdly, I meant dcraw's "-D -W -g 1 1" instead of "-D -W". Finally, the result of a 12bit or 14bit raw file decoded with "-D -W -g 1 1" is completely different from one with "-d -W -k 0 -S 4095 -g 1 1". "-D -W -g 1 1" makes image darker as if its "fixed white level" seems to be at around 65535. Why is this ?