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Problem with Samsung NX300 files with LibRaw+RawSpeed


If you compile LibRaw with RawSpeed and extract a tiff for a NX300 file you will see that the developed image is different as compared to the developed image with LibRaw without RawSpeed. By different I mean very different, blues become orange, yellows become blue etc. You can see this problem in the NX300 sample in the rawsamples website

By inspecting the uncompressed data, it looks like with RawSpeed we are getting data in a GBRB pattern, while without RawSpeed the data is in GRBG pattern. This would be OK, except that the cdesc field in imgdata is not changed to reflect this change in the pattern.

Are we missing something? Is there a different place we can check to tell that RawSpeed decompressed this (or any other file) into a different pattern?