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Hi Alex,

Hi Alex,

Thanks again for the quick response. I am not using men_image_sample, so that's ok. I am converting the data array into a fits image for astronomical image processing. And I saw the malloc also.

I also managed to get it to work now as, example

rgb[0] = (ushort)img->data[i]

This is why you should not code when exhausted!

Additional Qs:

1)The peak intensities are near ~36000 in all three color channels, while I know that the detector in the Canon Rp is only 14 bit. So something is scaling the images. I don't believe I have any options enabled that would scale the image (wb=1, no auto brightening, etc). What could it be? When converting to DNG with Lightroom peak intensities are saturated at 16384 correctly.

2) I tried all interpolation methods and I am still getting some pixels with values of zero. Why is that?