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no_interpolation=1 will skip

no_interpolation=1 will skip bayer interpolation pass, but all other processing to be done (data scaling, white balance, convert to output color space /useless and even wrong step for not interpolated data).

If you want to do your own data processing and use LibRaw only as data decoder (the way we use it in, for example, FastRawViewer) it may be better to access bayer data directly:

rawdata.raw_image contains pointer to bayer data array 'as decoded' (so, no black level subtracted, but unpacked and linearization curve applied).

If you prefer to use imgdata.image[][4] for demosaic you may use
raw2image() to copy raw_image in image[][4] components
subtract_black() to subtract black level

instead of dcraw_process()

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC