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According to Exiftool for

According to Exiftool for your 1st file:
GPS Latitude : 48 deg 7' 48.30" N
GPS Longitude : 11 deg 34' 2.32" E
According to LibRaw (variables from MSVC Debugger):
+ latitude 0x0000016e11b1f0cc {48.0000000, 7.00000000, 48.3039856} float[3]
+ longitude 0x0000016e11b1f0d8 {11.0000000, 34.0000000, 2.32399201} float[3]

I do not see any difference.

It is likely that your '(0, 48, 7)' is lattitude array dump (1st 3-item array in parsed_gps structure), it looks like offsets used (either in parsing or in interpreting the data) are wrong.
Please make sure you use libraw*.h and libraw*so (.a) from the same version (so assume same structures offset).
Another possible problem is structure padding (different assumption in calling code and in compiled LibRaw)

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC