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Great - I will look for it

I will take a look at this, but I am probably not going to pick up the next release right away. I got into this because my dcraw "adaptation" wasn't working as well as it should and I thought LibRaw might save me a lot of work. It certainly has, because all in all, dcraw is a monolithic global-variable mess. It might sort of be OK for a stand-alone program, but I am not even sure of that. I do know that it is very difficult for someone to maintain the way it is.

So I have my little graphics interface DLL now working with the updated dcraw code and this brings it into the more "modern era". I have also brought in a faster JPEG decoder and I believe this will benefit the applications that use this DLL greatly. So now I get to spend a bunch of time working on those applications with a lot more confidence in the graphics DLL.

Paul Crowley