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OK, the -mem switch is instructive

I was trying to understand how an error could be being returned and not being caught. Turns out, I have callbacks turned off (as in LIBRAW_OPIONS_NO_MEMERR_CALLBACK | LIBRAW_OPIONS_NO_DATAERR_CALLBACK) and this error is being reported with the dcraw_emu program via a callback!

So, it would seem that this error is not being reported or returned when the callback is turned off. That is an important note as to the importance of the callbacks which I did not understand originally.

Turns out for the image in question "derror()" is being called from canon_load_raw(). Not exactly clear what is going on with this, but it seems like it is a problem with pixel values. What isn't at all clear is how the image is being processed correctly when this is not asserted.

I am not so sure I am missing something in my use of libraw any longer, other than it should probably pick up data error callbacks and treat the image as unsupported if this occurs.

Paul Crowley