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Failing on some images

Thanks for the effort on this! I was doing basically the same thing previously, but perhaps not as expansively.

I am having one problem that I do not understand. I am invoking the following methods:


I am then taking the image data and with copy_mem_image trying to display it.

This is working with many, but not all raw test files that I have.

I got the prebuilt binary for the simple_dcraw sample, and it works fine on the failing images. I took simple_dcraw and linked it with my copy of libraw... again, this works fine.

In looking at what the function dcraw_ppm_tiff_writer is doing, it is clearly doing a lot more than simply writing out a PPM image and it doesn't appear that there is any function or set of functions exposed by the LibRaw library that does this. Is this what I am missing?