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1)Yes, raw_image is raw_width

1)Yes, raw_image is raw_width*raw_height 1D array. It is uncropped, full image (including 'masked areas') is read by unpack().

Black level is not subtracted, phase one postprocessing is not performed, but linearization curve is applied to raw_image data (see below)

2) Yes, curve is populated on the early stage of open_file() with curve[i] = i; (for full range loop, from 0 to 65535)
After open_file(), the curve[] will contain linearization curve read from file metadata.
Unfortunately, some formats (e.g. Nikon NEF) store curve not in metadata, but in raw image data itself. For these formats curve is read on unpack() stage.

curve[] size is not set anywhere: curve usage is specific for specific data format/unpacker code, curve is applied at unpack() stage.

Note: same curve[] array is used for gamma correction of output.

3) Use LibRaw::COLOR(row,col) call to get color at row,col.
Please note, that row,col are 'visible area' (cropped) coordinates (i.e. uncropped at top_margin/left_margin is COLOR(0,0))

-- Alex Tutubalin @LibRaw LLC