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Hi there,

Hi there,

Made some progress thanks to your explanations. I can play with the color channels and display the results of some personal post-processing. Very nice.

I wanted to ask you some more details on what "banding / debanding" does? In your documentation, I read this for Structure libraw_rawdata_t: holds unpacked RAW data:

int cfaline; float linenoise;
Line noise (banding) reduction.
positive value turns this feature on (default: off).
linenoise - amount of reduction. Useful range is 0.001 to 0.02. Default value is 0.0 i.e. not clean anything.


int wf_debanding; float wf_deband_treshold[4];
wf_debanding: 1 turns on banding suppression (slow!), 0 turns it off.
wf_deband_treshold[] - per channel debanding thresholds.

I'm reading some general stuff about banding in general, I understand the noise pattern that is targeted. Could you explain in which respect the first parameter (1st block) and the 2nd ones (2nd block) affect the image? They both deal with "banding", so it is unclear what each does.

In addition, do they affect the raw image right after unpack(), or does one, or both, affect only the post-processed one in imgdata.image? (after either raw2image() or dcraw_process())