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confused again

I'm confused again. Maybe I missed something else.

In the code samples that I pasted, my trouble was that these were only memory allocation of buffers, and I failed to see where the data from the .CR2 file where going. Then imgdata.image seemed the only time when some non-zero data were passed. But I'm wrong since from what you say imgdata.image is not populated with any raw or processed data at that time: the imgdata.image gets populated only after "raw2image()" or "dcraw_process()". So the quoted codes I sent aren't all there is to see regarding how the raw_data gets populated from a Canon CR2 file , right? Again, the code I sent are only memory allocation, so am i not missing the part where the raw_image is populated with the actual raw data and is not just given the pointer to an initialized, non-populated buffer? That's basically what I'm missing: where in the code is that buffer, whose pointer is given to raw_image, populated with the raw data from the CR2 file.

Just to clarify something else. Can I assume i'm not going into the rawSpeed related blocks when using Bayer image from canon CR2? This is to make sure i'm not missing anything in the pipeline. It was not clear to me what rawSpeed was, and if having a canon DSLR (5d mark III) was of any concern to this.

Thanks (a lot!)