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.rawdata.raw_image and .image after unpack()


After reading and trying out Libraw for a few days, I am confused with the structure of imgdata and what unpack() does to it:

When calling unpack(), the documentation at

Unpacks the RAW files of the image, calculates the black level (not for all formats). The results are placed in imgdata.image.

Yet there is also imgdata.rawdata.raw_image which gives me access to the raw unprocessed image.

What is the difference between imgdata.image and imgdata.rawdata.raw_image right after calling unpack()?
Is imgdata.image affected by some imgdata.params fields and imgdata.rawdata.raw_image is not (by definition, it would stay "raw" indeed)?

Should I also understand that unpack() also fill in the imgdata.rawdata.raw_image (and not only imgdata.image)? The latter appeared empty of any value if I print out values before unpack().

Thank you for this clarification. And thank you also for all your efforts on Libraw.