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Adding support for crops?

I know they can be vendor specific but I wondered if you would take patches for decoding such information?

For example to get access to the Canon data, parse_makernote() would need code around line 8686 something like:

else if (tag == 0x0098) // CropInfo
unsigned short CropLeft = get2();
unsigned short CropRight = get2();
unsigned short CropTop = get2();
unsigned short CropBottom = get2();
fprintf (stderr, " Cropinfo %d %d %d %d\n", CropLeft, CropRight, CropTop, CropBottom);
else if (tag == 0x009a) // AspectInfo
unsigned int ratio = get4();
unsigned int CroppedWidth = get4();
unsigned int CroppedHeight = get4();
unsigned int CropLeft = get4();
unsigned int CropTop = get4();
fprintf (stderr, " AspectInfo %d %d %d %d %d\n", ratio, CroppedWidth, CroppedHeight,
CropLeft, CropTop);

Obviously this would need storing somewhere useful rather than simply printing it out, but that could then be passed back to the real crop functionality